16. august 2014


During the summer I went on a major sewing spree, so not a lot were knitted. Plus this summer was incredibly warm! I'm a northerner, 30+ is just way too hot for me. Luckily my dear new little treasure was born just before the heatwave set in. She also had the great sense to be born the day before the new paternity leave rules took effect, so daddy gets his 14 weeks of paid paternity leave after all, woohoo! My leave lasts until primo February, so I'll make sure to relax and recharge...with lots of knitting and sewing in between mommying, lol! 

I'm a mother of three now. For a long time now I thought it would never happen. My son was born when I was 20, way too young in retrospect. I always wanted more children. My own dad a deadbeat dad, my son's dad the same, finding mr. Right Who Is Also a Great Dad took a long time. I am eternally grateful. Terje, you rock! The reason I get anything creative done at all is because he does a lot of housework and parenting stuff with our daughters. I'm lucky and I know it!

I did finish a baby blanket for my dear little one. Cute huh? She keeps me sidetracked...and busy! I actually finished it AFTER she was born - I thought she would be late like her sister...but no! It only took an evening to finish the last bit though. I love the colour, just about everything looks good with it. Red, green, purple, blue, petrol, turquoise, white... I need more of that yarn. Lots more.

I've also knitted three shorties and a pair of longies. Nothing fancy. They're on Ravelry if anyone's interested, herehere, here and here. OK the first one is really cute, it's for my oldest daughter, but sadly she doesn't like it much. Oh well. Maybe they will get some use when it get's colder, and if I knit the accompanying leg warmers. I've knit nearly 20 shorties and longies these past two and a half years. Guess I kind of like it.

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