3. mai 2014

Ugly yarn

I mentioned my super ugly yarn that I still just can't make myself get rid of. I thought I'd add some photos, just to prove that I have some really ugly yarn in my stash.
Ok, I know that this may be someone else's favourite yarn, but that's not the point. I hate it, but it's still in my stash, horrible reminders that crazy sale shopping is not necessary a good thing.

The worst part? Some of this yarn actually contains mohair. 

Pink. I will avoid going political and just state that it is my least favourite colour. 
That brownish colour that looks like over-boiled rhubarb - it may look good on somebody, but I'm not that somebody. And I've got 20 skeins of it. 
The multi-colour skeins? They make my eyes hurt,and my body cringe. Literally. They may be good for a kindergarten hat, or a pair of mittens, but how will I survive knitting them?

What's this? Heck, another skein of pink! How did this happen?

And another! 
My brain must have been parked at home when I bought these. 

I kind of thought I'd save the worst for last. I lack words. 

Do you have this kind of problem, or is it just me? What's your least favourite yarn and/or colour?