19. januar 2015


I have had a huge sewing spree. I bought an overlock machine/serger, (Janome MyLock 644D) and a regular sewing machine (Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2). I love them both!
I realize I'll never have time to follow up on my blog the way I wish, but here are some instagram photos of my latest creations.

This pattern is Autumn Roses, from Ottobre 6/2013. I only need to set in an invisible zipper and hem it to finish. I've never sewn invisible zippers before, so I may do a practice run first. It was supposed to be the christmas dress for my eldest (and I've already cut the fabric for baby girl), but then my old sewing machine broke down.

These are my two best tricks for copying patterns. Use rubber band to hold two pencils/pens together to add the seam allowance to Ottobre patterns. And instead of drawing a full line, i just make dots. Copying patterns is so much faster. More time for sewing, yay!

For kindergarten use for my daughter, this is a Giant Apple from Ottobre 3/2014, size 104/4yo. I left the shoulder caps out this time - it's the third time I've made this dress. I also made a long-sleeve version in the same fabric as a present to a friend's daughter, but I forgot to take pictures before I gave it away. It happens a lot...

Yes it's pink, and yes it's a present. For my niece H, size 128/8yo. I also made one sice 104/4yo for my niece M, but I forgot to take pictures of that one as well...
Pattern is Ottobre 301 Creative Workshop. The rest of the long-sleeve t-shirts below are made from the same pattern Fabric is by Maitotyttö at Royal-tuote. I bought mine on sale, yay!

A gift for my slim nephew S. I drew the pattern for a size 104/4yo, and lengthened it to a size 128/8yo.

Two for my daughter.


For my nephew O. Size 128/8yo.
 The same as above. My daughter loves the pirates, and demanded a sweater from the fabric.
Aaand for my youngest nephew, H.

Did I mention that I love my new overlocker?

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  1. Wow, you were on a roll :-) For the zipper, blind zippers really aren't that hard. And yesterday I saw that www.craftsy.com offers a free e-learning class called Mastering zipper techniques. Maybe you'll find some help there?


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